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Elijah Lewis

I am Elijah Lewis. I am from Baltimore, MD, and I’m a graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Tuskegee University, and Morgan State University. In addition to being an author, I am an engineer with NAVSEA in Indian Head, MD. Growing up, I know I was blessed with success, but I definitely had my challenges and made my fair share of mistakes. However, my philosophy is that life is a journey, and along that journey, you can find a lot of jewels if you look hard enough. I also know the importance of helping others and that everyone has a story to tell. I went from being a person with a 2.58 GPA in high school who really didn’t have the brightest future to being an engineer and author due to the people who have helped me along the way.

I know what it’s like to be lost on the journey of life. It can be a dark and lonely feeling, but with the right help, you can get back on track. That’s why I wrote “Your Jewels Are In Your Journey: Life Lessons to Lead You to Your Optimal Self.” I believe everyone has the power to reach their best potential, and that comes with experience as you go through life. My goal is to inspire readers to the point where they realize the power that they have within them, and like a jewel, realize the brightness they have. Ultimately, the vision I have is for my readers is to realize life is the biggest teacher, and if you pay attention, you can get great results.

I had never considered writing a book until I was asked by Matthew C. Horne of Lightning Fast Publishing Company, who I thank dearly for this opportunity. I felt it would be a great opportunity to write some- thing impactful and share experiences with others that I’ve never shared before as a source of inspiration. At the end of the day, I’m just a guy that wants to see you win out here.

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